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What is efoiling

The History of eFoil & Growing Popularity

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Though the history of hydrofoil dates back many years, the initial concept for what is known as the eFoil came about in 2013 by Nick Leason, an avid surfer, and co-founder of Lift Foils. The concept took several years to design and develop, and Lift Foils began producing and selling the electric-powered eFoil board in 2018. Now that wing foiling is a reality; the innovative water sport is really starting to take off. Though the first world’s wing foiling competition took place just last year in 2020, web searches for “foil wing” have increased over 375% in the last two years.

Why eFoiling is So Exciting

So, what is it about this new sport that has people so excited? A foil wing is like riding a magic carpet. And who hasn’t dreamed of riding a magic carpet?! To make this happen, a wing foil “creates lift in the water as the speed is increased from the propulsion motor powered by a large lithium battery.” Using a wireless Bluetooth remote, the surfer can ride the board over the smooth waves, enjoying complete freedom on the water.

Battery Life & Cost

Wing foils come in a variety of sizes, with shorter models catering to more advanced wing surfers, while longer boards are better for beginners. With a lithium battery-powered motor, eFoil rides typically last an average of 60 to 90 minutes. Surfers can fly up to 25mph. An eFoil can cost anywhere between €6,000 and €13,000, depending on what you’re looking for. The high price tag is due to the high quality and tech of the equipment. and Fliteboard are currently the two major brands offering full foil wing setups, and you can explore varying tech, performance, and safety features when purchasing your own.

Lessons & Rentals

This fun sport hasn’t passed by the Netherlands! Located in the west of Holland, Fly Surf is here to help bring the wing foiling experience to locals and vacationers. Here, you can rent boards and book private lessons, from one-on-one sessions to group lessons for up to four. Lessons range from one to three hours, depending on the number of people in the group, and can cost anywhere from €190 to €600. Fly Surf instructors ensure you feel safe and comfortable, all while learning a new skill and having fun on the water. For added convenience, they even come to the closest water location near you for your lesson.

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