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E Foil

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About Us

Passionate about surfing and flying, our first ride on an E Foil was magical. We would love to let you experience this too. Unlimited surfing! There are no waves, wind? No problem!!

E Foil
Lift Foils flying

Our Products

EFoils of the brand Lift Foils, the best in its kind. Lift Foils has been a household name for foil boards for 10 years and was one of the first to make high-quality e foils.

Fly Surf


Training Sessions

Test before purchase?

No problem! When purchasing, you will receive a discount on the new board for half of the lessons taken.

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The LIFT3 E Foil

The fastest, most durable, longest-lasting EFoil experience. Not to mention, a completely customizable lineup of foil hardware, trusted by the best names in the surf when they attempt the feats that define their legacies.

E Foil

Ready to Fly?

No time to waste, get me on that board with E Foils!

Our Products

For over 10 years we’ve made performance E Foils for the committed. The future-forward, the risk takers—riders that need foil hardware that is both innovative and unbelievably tough.

What is an E Foil?

The E Foil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon-fiber hydrofoil. Controlled by a wireless Bluetooth hand controller. It allows you to ride for up to two hours on a two-hour charge.

lift 3 efoil

Latest Videos

Watch our latest videos below. From casual surf to instructional videos, it’s all covered. Check out our gallery.

E Foil
E Foil
E Foil

Need Training?

Check out all our different options for lessons and rental.

+316 2134 3696

Ik wil graag eerst testen voor een eventuele aanschaf.

+31 62134 3696

Bel ons voor onmiddellijke reactie. Wij nemen uw telefoontje elke dag, op elk moment.

+31 62134 3696

Bel ons voor onmiddellijke reactie. Wij nemen uw telefoontje elke dag, op elk moment.