Lift Foils Lift3 efoil at the beach 600x400

Lift3 efoil

derde generatie Lift efoil
  • Full carbon fiber setup
  • 100 min runtime
  • Beste op de markt
Lift Foils Lift3 F fiber glass boards

Lift3 F efoil

nieuwste fiber glass boards
  • Fiber glass board
  • 60 min – 100 min runtime
  • Twee nieuwe kleuren
Fly Surf efoil lessen en test rides


Volg les of test een board
  • Binnen 1,5 uur vliegen
  • Les op het beste materiaal
  • Alle materiaal inbegrepen
Efoil Valkenburgse Meer Fly Surf

This is Fly Surf!

There is nothing like flying over the water without depending on wind and waves. We love sharing our passion for e-foiling with people who are enthusiastic about it.

We sell the best efoils and accessories on the market from Lift Foils. The inventors of e-foiling and frontrunners in the market of foiling and e-foiling.

The lessons and test rides are provided by GearFreak Surfschool Check here the different options for e-foiling.

What is an efoil?

An efoil is a surfboard powered by an electric motor. Underneath the surfboard is a mast with this motor mounted at the bottom and the hydrofoil wings.

The motor provides the acceleration after which the underwater wings, the hydrofoil, allows the board to fly above the water.

The board is controlled by a bluetooth hand controller and the battery lasts up to 100 minutes. Charging the battery takes about 2 hours.

Dit is Fly Surf efoil

Ultimate experience

The feeling of the first seconds flying are magical. The board detaches from the water after which it becomes virtually silent and you go flying over the water.

E-foiling is easy to learn within an hour or a few hours, making it accessible to everyone.

If you have any questions feel free to send us a message or click further on the topics of interest.

Gewoon een keer efoilen?

No time to waste, put me on that efoil board!

Efoil locations

Fly Surf provided efoilles at several locations. Our homebase is the Valkenburgse Meer near Leiden. The other class locations are around a 20-minute drive from Leiden and 40 minutes from Amsterdam. These locations can be booked by arrangement depending on other classes that day.

Why Fly Surf?

The best material

Wide opening hours

Quick response

Centrally located in South Holland

Good reviews

Efoils buy and lessons

Want to buy your own materials?

Have you had some lessons and would like to purchase your own equipment? Or is it time to replace your equipment?

Check out our webshop for efoils, wings, accessories, parts and more. For surf gear, you can surf to gearfreak.nl

Of course, if you have any questions you can always send us a whatsapp!

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Bel ons voor onmiddellijke reactie. Wij nemen uw telefoontje elke dag, op elk moment.

+31 62134 3696

Bel ons voor onmiddellijke reactie. Wij nemen uw telefoontje elke dag, op elk moment.

+31 62134 3696

Bel ons voor onmiddellijke reactie. Wij nemen uw telefoontje elke dag, op elk moment.