FliteBoard Ultra

FliteBoard Design:

The Fliteboard is made of carbon fiber, stainless steel, and aircraft-grade aluminum. The board’s speed is controlled by a hand-held Bluetooth remote.

It is powered by a small but powerful electric motor and a precision German-engineered gearbox. It is virtually silent, with no emissions or wakes.

The battery has a handle that allows you to pull it out of the board and plug it into a wall charger, which can charge it to 100% in 2.5 hours.

The smallest Fliteboard in the world:

eFoil Flite board

The ULTRA Fliteboard efoils are high-octane adrenaline machines. You can push the limits despite being only 4ft 2in tall and having a lighter swing weight. The Ultra is the smallest eFoil and is designed for experts who want to push the sport’s boundaries. Because of its lighter weight, streamlined design, and optional foot straps, it is the ideal board for waves, jumps, racing, and hard carving.

Experience of eFoil riders with the Fliteboard Ultra:

We tested the Fliteboard Ultra. It was an unforgettable experience that I’d like to share with you. Even if you have a lot of experience with the Fliteboard Pro, the Ultra is a new level of foiling and a real challenge.

The most difficult aspect of the Ultra is getting out of the water. When I lay down on the board, I’m underwater.  When I first start, I lean back slightly, shift into gear 3, and then grip the board’s tip with all my strength. I lean forward slightly and accelerate to gear 4-5. The task is to find the appropriate position on the board. The board will not accelerate if you are too far back. If you get too far ahead, the board will sink. I accelerated to gears 6-7 and quickly got out of the standing position after finding a stable position in gear 5. The adventure has begun.

Indescribable! When I stand, I regain my old routine and stability. It’s an indescribable sensation! You are so agile, fast, and flexible because you have so little weight under your feet.  Once-in-a-lifetime driving experience. It responds to even the smallest movement of your body and is a thrilling new experience.

Fliteboard Ultra or Fliteboard Pro? A difficult question! Because of its small size, controllability, and agility, the Fliteboard Pro provides an indescribable driving experience. However, it has the advantage of allowing you to drive more comfortably while lying down and making it much easier to get up. You can then give it to friends who want to try out a Fliteboard for the first time.

Get the Fliteboard Ultra if you want to get the most out of your board and yourself on every ride and push your limits. There is no other eFoil like it, and the handling is unparalleled. The Fliteboard Pro has a lower weight and volume, and the Fliteboard Ultra is the ultimate eFoil for waves, jumps, racing, and hard carving.

Not sure whether the Fliteboard Pro or Fliteboard Ultra is better for you? Not a problem! Set up a test drive with us. Visit our lesson section.

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