electric surfboards


A New Way To Experience The Waves:

Do you want to have an electric surfboard to fly above the water?

Electric jet surfs are well-known and well-liked in the surfing community. This kind of surfboard is simple to operate and provides you with the fantastic sensation of flying without exerting any effort on the water’s surface.

Everything You Need to Know About Electric Surfboards:

Electric surfing, also known as jet surfing, is a fantastic sport that is suitable for people of all ages, easy to start, and intuitive. However, it’s crucial that you take a few simple safety precautions into mind when engaging in any water-related sport or activity. 

Regardless of how frequently we surf, we will examine several key things in this post to guarantee that we do so properly and securely. Remember that, regardless of the type of board you use, you must adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for care and functioning.

How Does Electric Surfboard work?

The electric surf depends on the motor, which is powered by the battery. While electric surfboards are often like traditional surfboards, they feature a separate power source, either a propeller or a jet stream. An electric jet board called Surffe is powered by rechargeable accumulators.

Why is a surfboard so costly?

Electric surfs, also known as Surffe, are motorized surfboards that enable surfing on calm rivers, lakes, and bays in addition to riding waves. There are many various types and models of jet board surf now on the market, but their prices are highly expensive and depend on the model you select. 

  • High cost:

Manufacturers use cutting-edge technologies, sturdy carbon bodies, and powerful motors and batteries. The creation of a new model requires two to three months, and in order to cover the cost of production, manufacturers are compelled to demand exorbitant prices for their goods.

  • Low popularity:

Surfing is still not very common. As a result, businesses spend a lot of money on advertising and attracting customers. This causes its price to rise, and the more money the manufacturer spends on advertising and marketing, the more expensive the product will be.

  • Less competition:

 In the field of electric surfing, there are numerous manufacturers and home appliances. Because there is no competition, manufacturers will charge very high prices for their goods. Big players will be forced to lower their prices if new brands can enter the market and figure out a less expensive way to design electric surfboards without sacrificing quality.

How to Driving Electric surfboards:

While lying on the board, grasp its front with one hand and the controller’s handle with the other. After beginning, allow yourself to fully press the board’s front. In order to prevent accidents, the safety lock on the electric surfboard makes sure that the pusher will stop rotating.

Verify that the controller is operating at level 1 speed. Once the motor has been started, completely loosen it. To start the propeller, count down five seconds in the display window. The board will begin to move.

Keep pressing the controller as you move from kneeling to standing. You will lose your balance and fall into the water if you don’t press the controller or only lightly press the controller. Put your hands on the front of the board and maintain a constant speed. Get up straight and bend your knees. The knees should be in a moderate position. Be careful not to hammer the front-cover nail. At this point, if the board’s front end sinks, it might be moving too slowly. It may be moving too quickly or having a body centre of gravity that is too far back if it is swaying from side to side or falling into the water. Afterwards, kneel down.

Keep pressing the controller as you move from kneeling to standing. Move your centre of gravity forward to keep your front end down if you don’t bend your knees. Spend some time practising your balance and changing speeds.


The good surfboard is easy to paddle, floats well, and is quite stable with some basic skills. The general rule is that the bigger the surfboard, the better.